Bechef wali Schezwan veg. Frankie by kv.vaishnav25

Bechef wali Schezwan veg. Frankie by kv.vaishnav25

 Bechef wali Schezwan veg. Frankie


1 bowl maida
½ bowl wheat flour
3-4 boiled and mashed potatoes
2 spoon ginger garlic chilli paste Frankie masala
Finely chopped coriander leaves
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup grated cheese
1 bowlChopped veggies in julliens(onion, capsicum,cabbage)
Salt as required
Oil as required


👉For making dough take a bowl and add flour,salt,oil and knead a dough using water.

👉now make equall size balls out of dough.
Make thin chapattis from balls and partly cook on tawa .

Now making aaloo patties :
👉Take a non stick pan add 1-2 spoon oil.then add ginger chilli paste,then add chopped coriander and add mashed potatoes.

👉Now add Frankie masala,Bechef Schezwan sauce 2 -3 spoons,and mix well.add Salt as taste and mix well.

👉Then make equall sized cylindrical patties from it and then put little oil on tawa .now roast pattiies on it.

👉Now put 1 spoon oil on tawa and roast chapati in it.then take on a apply green chutney, Bechef Schezwan sauce on it.

👉Now spread plain mayonnaise on it.then put aaloo patti on it.then put chopped veggies and sprinkle Frankie masala on it.

👉Now put graten cheese and roll tightly this Frankie and serve with Bechef Schezwan sauce for extra spicy taste.



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