BECHEF- An exclusive Preview!

BECHEF- An exclusive Preview!

There are days when you feel like a masterchef and there are days when slicing an onion seems like a task. For both these situations, you need a cooking partner who knows exactly what you want to indulge in and creates finger licking good dishes for you. Our new venture- BECHEF is your partner for the gloomy days and for your culinary masterchef days.

An exclusive range of sauces- picked all the way from the Middle East to the mighty Africa. These sauces make your cooking process easy and help you achieve professional level taste in your daily dishes. Pick the ingredients, add the sauce, garnish it and voila! You have your dish! These sauces have been specially crafted keeping in mind our customer’s ever growing cravings for new tastes. Our wide range of sauces includes 12 exotic sauces, all adapted from centuries old recipes from all around the world. Let Bechef be your cooking partner and watch people fall in love with the taste in every bite. Launching soon, Bechef sauces are sure to make your cooking easy and your dishes more delicious. Read on to get an exclusive sneak peek into our range of sauce by Bechef.


Bechef Tahini buy online


Bechef’s Tahini is an Arabic sauce made from the choicest sesame seeds into an oily paste. It is a staple Arabic item whose origin dates back to the 13th century in the Eastern Mediterranean region.  It’s exotic Arabic flavour is perfect to use as a dip, dressing, cooking sauce or a spread. Bechef’s Tahini tastes best as a topping for pasta or falafels, or an ingredient in soup and salad dressing.

Bechef Mexican Hot sauce buy online


Bechef has created a mouth watering version of Mexican Hot sauce. This sauce is for those who crave spice in their lives! Drizzle it over your favourite dishes or cook with this sauce, every bite will be a celebration of flavours in your mouth. Bechef’s Mexican Hot sauce is so Versatile that it can be used to create the simplest of dishes to restaurant style cuisines. Enjoy Mexican hot sauce to cook exotic Mexican dishes or enjoy it with your favourite snacks.

Bechef piri piri sauce buy online


Portuguese in it’s origin and popular in South Africa, Piri Piri is a hot sauce widely used as marinade and cooking sauce. Bechef Piri Piri sauce is our take on the authentic recipe. This tangy, spicy and delicious sauce is a perfect cooking sauce and a perfect Marinade. Bechef makes it easy to enjoy mouth watering African dishes with our take on the authentic Piri-Piri sauce.

Bechef hot wings sauce buy online


Bechef Hot wings sauce is made from the Freshest ingredients and it provides the perfect American taste to any dish. It can be used as a cooking sauce to make chicken wings, Paneer tikka dry, chicken strips etc. It’s spicy and rich taste will enlighten your taste buds. Buffalo style hot wings sauce- a classic American style sauce, is widely used to make mouth watering chicken wings. It’s origin dates back to 1964 where Teressa Bellissimo invented the sauce.


Bechef Jerk sauce buy online


Chefs at Bechef have developed a spicy, Aromatic and smoky jerk sauce. Developed with soy sauce, mouth watering spices and a smoky flavour, our Jerk sauce is the perfect Marinade for your meats. Bechef’s Jerk sauce can also be used as a cooking sauce to make delicious stir-fry recipes. Use this sauce to create dishes which are finger licking good, which ooze out traditional Jamaican flavours and are yet, very easy and quick to make. A plate of jerk chicken is sure to enlighten your taste buds.

Bechef Kung Pao sauce buy online


Bechef has developed a yummy, nutty and tangy Kung Pao which is perfect to create quick and easy mouth watering Chinese dishes. Bechef’s Kung Pao makes it easy to create Restaurant style Authentic Chinese dishes right out of your kitchen. The best way to enjoy Kung Pao would be Chicken marinated and cooked in Kung Pao sauce. Originated and developed in Sichuan province in South west China, Kung Pao is widely popular across China and beyond.


Bechef Sichuan sauce buy online


Bechef’s Sichuan sauce is our take on the authentic Chinese sauce which makes it easy to cook delicious meals. It’s spicy taste is perfect to use it as a marinade for your meats and sea-food, as a sauce for Chinese recipes or as a dip with your favourite snacks. Enjoy this authentic flavour but beware- this one is numbing hot!

Bechef Basil Pesto sauce buy online


Bechef’s Basil Pesto is a sauce made with the goodness of Basil, Pine nuts, Garlic and olive oil, Pesto is a healthy cooking sauce. Pesto sauce originated from Genoa, Capital of Liguia, Italy. Bechef  Pesto sauce has been developed with flax seeds instead of Pine nuts, making it a very healthy cooking sauce. Enjoy our Basil Pesto with your favourite bowl of pasta or use it as a spread in a sandwich.

Bechef Arrabbiata sauce buy online


Bechef Arrabbiata has been handmade with the perfect blend of Italian flavours. Arrabbiata translates to ‘Angry’ in Italian. This is referred to the red colour as well as the spicyness of chilli peppers in the sauce. This sauce tastes best with a bowl of steaming hot pasta. Use it as a cooking sauce in Lasagne, on pizza, in curries or with sea food. Bechef Arrabbiata makes cooking easy and enhances the flavours of the dish.


Bechef Harissa sauce buy online


Bechef has developed the traditional Harissa sauce with the choicest ingredients. Harissa has layer upon layer of flavours. The heat builds up and settles in your throat with a pleasant but not over bearing spice. Bechef’s Harissa is a versatile item which can be used in any form, from marination to a spread. Harissa marinated Chicken is a lip smacking dish to enjoy which requires minimum preparation. Try Bechef’s Harissa and fall in love with it’s exotic flavours.

Bechef Fiery hot buy online


Bechef’s Fiery Hot sauce is numbing hot, a perfect dip to use with a plate of steaming hot momos. Made with the combination of Habanero chillies, Serranos chillies, paprika and peppercorns, this is a red hot sauce to enlighten your taste buds. It is a perfect marinade to create spicy chicken or sea food dishes. Pro tip- use it as a challenge sauce for your restaurant!


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