Chimichurri sauce is a staple favourite that comes from Argentina and Uruguay. Generally Chimichurri sauce comes in two variants, Chimichurri Verde ( green ) and Chimichurri Rojo ( red) . This healthy sauce is made from finely chopped cilantro, parsley, vinegar, chillies, chopped garlic and olive oil. At Allthatdips we have created a variety of this sauce that is spicy, tangy, sweet and yummy to the max.

chimichurri hummus in india

Allthatdips brings to you a variety of dips and flavours that are healthy and yummy to the max. Chimichurri hummus is amalgamation of chimichurri sauce with authentic hummus by allthatdips. If the taste were to be described then i would say its spicy, tangy, sweer and sour, its earthy and naturally yummy.

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