ALLTHATDIPS Awarded at Vibrant Gujarat Start-up Summit

ALLTHATDIPS Awarded at Vibrant Gujarat Start-up Summit

When you work with dedication to provide a quality life to the society, rewards and recognition are bound to follow.  ALLTHATDIPS was awarded for it’s excellence at the recently conducted  Vibrant Gujarat Start up Summit. The company has gained recognition as the only Independent start up that has not been funded by any Nodal body. ALLTHATDIPS gained a place in the top 12 Start ups  from 12000+ participants. This marks a huge milestone for ALLTHATDIPS.

 ALLTHATDIPS was established with the ideal to think international, but act local. The company manufactures a variety of Authentic Dips and cooking sauces adapted from various countries and cuisines. The dips and sauces are 100%  natural, preservatives free and gluten free. It’s  wide range of products, enables the customers to explore more and choose the best of the best products. Just within a short time, ALLTHATDIPS has been able to provide it’s products to almost the entire nation. In the upcoming times, the company promises to go global with it’s services.

ALLTHATDIPS has always striven for excellence and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to innovation and going a step higher. The Government recognized the company  for it’s innovation in food technology and how they have been able to extend the shelf life of fresh products with the out use of preservatives and chemicals. The company also has worked heavily on technology for food packaging and transportation.

The wide range of products consists of dips and sauce from various cuisines and are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Products like- Hummus, Mexican salsa, Healthy yogurt dips like mint herb ranch, Cilantro Jalapeno dip, cheese dips consisting of Hot cheese dip, Pepper jack cheese, Pizza fondue cheese dip etc. Along with other products like Honey mustard, Guacamole, Chipotle dip etc are provided by the company. The company also manufactures cooking sauces  such as Mexican hot sauce, Tahini, Piri Piri sauce, Jerk sauce, Pesto sauce etc.

The use of fresh ingredients, fresh dairy and a safe and concealed cooking environment is what makes ALLTHATDIPS stand out. The company envisions this Award as an opportunity to excel more and be able to provide with quality products to the society. The support and love gained by the society is what keeps the company going and motivates to work more efficiently. The award and price bestowed by the government truly ignites the company and makes it unstoppable to work more with each passing day.

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